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About Us

We’re an independent charitable foundation funded by Lloyds Banking Group. We work in partnership with small and local charities, people and communities, changing lives and working towards a more just and compassionate society.

Our 2022 impact at a glance


charities supported through our grants programmes in 2022


awarded in total


development support offers to charities

We work in partnership with small and local charities, other organisations and communities so that
people facing complex issues and barriers have the support and opportunities to overcome them.


The needs and aspirations of people drive our work. We strengthen the small and local charities that support them and the communities they live in, and advocate for a better future.


Through unrestricted funding, support to develop, and influencing policy and practice we help small and local charities thrive, communities grow stronger, and people overcome complex issues and barriers so they can transform their lives.

The grant is fantastic because it covers our core costs – my role and the administration team which comprises two people. These costs are always the hardest to secure yet provide the foundations from which services can operate. [...] But it’s not just the money Lloyds Banks Foundation provides; it’s the whole package that makes such a difference! And it’s not only the amount and type of support we’ve had, it’s the way it has been offered – from a perspective of understanding our needs as a small charity.

Julia Ferguson, CEO, Gateway into the Community

Some of our success stories

Having Lloyds Bank Foundation actively bringing people together, facilitating conversations, helping joint reflection, sense-making and learning to take place can be a game changer. This is not about someone parachuting in to dictate how services should look or funding the delivery of projects. It is about identifying the existing strengths in a place and helping all those living and working together to imagine how things might be better. It is about creating the conditions of trust, safety, and capacity and removing barriers such as fear so new relationships can emerge

Laura Seebohm, Changing Lives