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Cherrie Bija


Cherrie has volunteered since she was a teenager, where her passion and understanding of the charitable sector began. Since then, she has created, grown, led, overseen and governed many small but vital charities and third sector organisations over the last 25 years. Cherrie brings vast knowledge and experience in frontline support helping people overcome complex issues. For the last 15 years, Cherrie has worked as the CEO of Faith in Families, leading a fantastic organisation that delivers preventative, creative, inclusive, work in deprived communities in Wales. 

She also holds several leadership positions in the Voluntary and Charity Sector organisations across the UK as Chair, Trustee & Non-Executive Director, providing her with an extensive understanding of strategy and scrutiny, championing inclusivity and belonging.  

"Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales is a fantastic organisation that is forward-thinking and makes meaningful differences to small but vital charities, enabling them to thrive in order for them to support the communities in which they work.  I have first-hand experience with this support, and I am now absolutely delighted to be part of the team at such an exciting but somewhat challenging time".