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We partner with small and local charities and communities working with people facing complex issues and barriers. Through unrestricted funding and support to develop, we work alongside those who understand the complexity of the issues people face or the barriers they experience and are best placed to make a genuine difference to people’s lives.  


We work in partnership with charities and communities that understand the needs and aspirations of people and can make a lasting difference to their lives. We provide flexible, unrestricted funding and additional support to develop to help charities grow stronger and thrive beyond the lifetime of their grant.

Our focus is where our combination of funding and additional support can make the greatest impact on those we partner with. Our programmes aim to give charities the stability and freedom to use the funding as they best see fit.

We have three unrestricted funding programmes and one which is focussed on collaborations seeking to influence locally and regionally. The three unrestricted funding programmes are 1) for small specialist charities supporting people facing complex issues; 2) for small charities working with and led by people experiencing inequity because of their race or ethnicity; and 3) for d/Deaf and Disabled people's organisations.

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